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Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a cloud-based IT solution for remote location networking. Deployment is reduced from months to a matter of minutes, replacing the need for a complex data centre and on-site IT troubleshooting. It is this agility and simplicity that provides an optimal user experience for employees and customers alike. Adding in the significant cost savings, the case for SD-WAN is compelling.


SD-WAN is redefining the network

Increasingly complex business applications are challenging the traditional WAN model, which is proving too inflexible and often too costly to adequately support changing business needs effectively.

  • Cost: expensive bandwidth due to private / MPLS circuits.
  • Complexity: a tangle of devices requiring siloed management and on-site IT staff.
  • Duplication: In active/stand-by configurations you end up paying for unused bandwidth, with Breeze SD-WAN all links are active.
  • Multiple dependencies: data centre bottle necks with inflexible prioritisation of business-critical services and inconsistent processes.
  • Network bandwidth: internet traffic is clogging up WAN links.
  • Performance: inflexible architecture which requires labour intensive provisioning of apps and network performance limitations.
  • Static: unpredictable application performance and labour cost of high-touch manual adjustments.

SD-WAN gives your business ubiquitous access from any location to ensure your network is ready for the next generation.  

Adapt to your business needs, FAST

Virtual WAN

Deliver a network overlay with multiple links from different service providers to form a unified pool of bandwidth. Provide superior performance for applications, independent of the underlying transport links.


Cloud optimised

Enterprise-grade performance is assured even when traffic is going to the cloud applications. Incremental overlay design separates the software layer from the underlying hardware layer and the physical transport to make an elastic network.


Simplified and scalable branch services

SD-WAN provides network services, whether on end site Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), in the cloud or in regional and enterprise data centres.


Pay-as-you-grow model

Ability to deploy a Wide Area Network on premise or in the cloud and ease the services insertion with application-aware forwarding to the enterprise data centre or cloud.

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