Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is the industry’s first secure gateway in the cloud, providing the first line of defence against threats on the internet.


Users are prevented from visiting malicious sites with no hardware to install or software to maintain.


Get a complete picture of real-time internet activity across network and roaming devices, including security, usage, compliance and cloud services.


Simple deployment in minutes. Easy to manage with PSA integrations, prewritten RMM deploy scripts and centralised policy templates.


Protect your users, wherever they are

Cisco Umbrella is delivered from the cloud, protecting all devices in real-time and in any location. It’s the easiest way to protect your users, even when they leave the office.


In just five minutes you can deploy the complete security programme, and because everything is in the cloud you have no hardware to install or software to maintain. Say goodbye to manual updating!

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Predictive security enforcement

Abnormal botnet traffic, malware blocks or content filtering blocks are quickly and easily identified. Umbrella proactively enforces your policies, offering quick access and full visibility to your entire client base.


Content filtering

Umbrella offers 60 content categories and an unlimited number of custom block or allow lists, enabling you to manage flexible, location-aware policies. You can assign laptops with policies on different internet restrictions and log settings based on your network.


Roaming client to secure laptops off network

Enforce security anywhere with protection and policy compliance for laptops that leave the network using RMM scripts for Labtech, Continuum, N-Able, Kaseya and AVG Level Platforms.


Centralised reporting for visibility

Gain complete visibility across your network and roaming laptops. Umbrella reports allow you to view all your client activity at once to get a complete real-time picture.

Centralised settings

Create and manage settings shared amongst multiple clients. Set up templates to deploy new clients in minutes and manage client settings in bulk.


Active directory integration

Enforce and report on users, computer and groups by integrating your Active Directory environment and securely forwarding DNS queries to the Global Network.


PSA integration at the API level

Immediately recognise infected machines needing remediation from Umbrella’s botnet call backs and automated ticket creation.


DNS and IP layer enforcement

Go beyond DNS and prevent data exfiltration over any port or protocol originating on or off the network.

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