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Risk-free security

Cloud-based, watertight network security

We deliver internet security and private access services through Zscaler's cloud-based secure gateways, which come with reliable, built-in protection for all your needs. 

The Zscaler service we offer is fast and effective, ensuring you never run short on capacity or experience unplanned downtime. All functionality comes already integrated, so you don’t need to worry about building or updating your platform.

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Get the total protection your business needs to thrive

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Network-Solutions-True flexibility-

True flexibility

Our Zscaler cloud security solutions are flexible enough to adapt to your changing business requirements.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Network-Solutions-Fast deployment-

Fast deployment

Deploy secure web gateways within minutes and easily manage them with PSA integrations.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Network-Solutions-Functional and reliable-

Functional and reliable

You don't need to worry about updating your platform - you'll have all the functionality you need.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Network-Solutions-Secure your staff-

Secure your staff

A secure web gateway will protect your staff's network connections, no matter where they're working.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Network-Solutions-Complete visibility-

Complete visibility

Get a complete picture of real-time internet activity across network and roaming devices.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Network-Solutions-Trusted technology-

Trusted technology

The Zscaler technology is seamless and airtight - we offer firewalls, content filtering, and more.

Powerful connections

Uninterrupted access to your important applications

Zscaler's private internet access is a VPN solution that offers a quick and powerful connection and lots of extra features at an affordable price.

As it's cloud-based, you can benefit from a user-friendly experience with uninterrupted access to your applications. Protection extends from the network to the internet, making sure your private apps are always secure.

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Adopt leading internet access security solutions

We're proud to partner with Zscaler, one of  the Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders (for nine years running). 

With Zscaler's cloud-delivered internet access security solutions, your business can replicate identical policies across all your users and branches. 

Zscaler's solutions offer complete SSL visibility and a thorough stack of security services (including URL filtering, Browser Isolation and cloud firewalls) and can be scaled to suit your changing business needs. 

0_Breeze-Networks-Services-Network security-Say goodbye to manual device updates

Why choose us?

We are disruptors in the network connectivity and security space

It's simple, really. Our goal is to empower all enterprises to significantly reduce their costs, quicken the deployment of new services and raise their network security threshold.

To make this a reality, we follow the changing tide of technology, embracing disruptive, innovative and cloud-based solutions. We partner with recognised leading vendors and have a successful track record with Zscaler and VMware deployment. 

Most importantly, we provide a human, tailored customer service experience. We're not just box shifters; at the heart of Breeze is a team of friendly people who love to uncomplicate your complexities.


Get the whole story
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Protect your users, wherever they are

0_Breeze-Networks-Services-Network security-Features-Predictive enforcement-

Predictive enforcement

Identify abnormal botnet traffic, malware blocks, or content filtering blocks. Umbrella proactively enforces your policies, offering quick access and full visibility.

0_Breeze-Networks-Services-Network security-Features-Quick set-up

Quick set-up

Create and manage settings shared amongst multiple clients. Set up templates to deploy new clients in minutes and manage your settings in bulk.

0_Breeze-Networks-Services-Network security-Features-Content filtering--

Content filtering

Cisco Umbrella offers 60 content categories and an unlimited number of custom block or allow lists, enabling you to manage flexible, location-aware policies.

0_Breeze-Networks-Services-Network security-Features-AD integration-

AD integration

Report on users, computer and groups by integrating your Active Directory (AD) environment and securely forwarding DNS queries to the Global Network.

0_Breeze-Networks-Services-Network security-Features-Roaming client security-

Roaming client security

Enforce security anywhere with protection and policy compliance for laptops that leave the network using RMM scripts for Labtech, Continuum, N-Able, Kaseya and AVG Level Platforms.

0_Breeze-Networks-Services-Network security-Features-Centralised reporting-

Centralised reporting

Gain complete visibility across your network and roaming laptops. Umbrella reports allow you to view all your client activity at once to get a complete real-time picture.


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