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Cloud-based Wi-Fi

Revamp your users'  internet experience 

We utilise Juniper's wired and wireless access solutions, driven by Mist AI.

This intelligent LAN/Wi-Fi service delivers a personalised and location-based service, sourced within the cloud to provide limitless scalability and performance. Ultimately, this makes your Wi-Fi usage predictable, dependable and powerful.

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How our intelligent Wi-Fi helps you


Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Intelligent-Wi-Fi-Boost productivity-

Boost productivity

Empower end-users to quickly (and securely) access the tools they need to do their job.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Intelligent-Wi-Fi-Troubleshooting solutions-

Troubleshooting solutions

The scale, flexibility and speed allow for solutions to make using and managing your Wi-Fi services simpler.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Intelligent-Wi-Fi-Intuitive technology-

Intuitive technology

Bring a new network in line with existing IT solutions that's easy to set up and manage.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Intelligent-Wi-Fi-Full transparency-

Full transparency

With a better view of outages and data, the Juniper/Mist solution provides you with the tools to simplify your job.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Intelligent-Wi-Fi-Improved user experience-

Improved user experience

A network that boosts user experience, supports modernisation and makes working life easier.

Breeze-IT-icons_Breeze Networks-Solutions-Intelligent-Wi-Fi-Modern working solutions-

Modern working solutions

An efficient, cost-effective solution to satisfy remote working policies and mobile device users.

Virtual beacon

Replace outdated physical beacons with pioneering low energy technology

We also offer the Juniper/Mist enterprise-grade BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) solution, which can connect devices or equipment together over short distances.

BLE is able to deploy countless virtual beacons in any environment, which offers you exceptional location services so that you can have a view of where devices are at all times with the click of a button.

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Behind BLE

Keep your devices connected at all times

Put simply, small, low-powered wireless transmitters broadcast radio signals at regular intervals that can be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android devices. This allows your devices to communicate with one another without draining the battery.

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Why choose us?

We are disruptors in the network connectivity and security space

It's simple, really. Our goal is to empower all enterprises to significantly reduce their costs, quicken the deployment of new services and raise their network security threshold.

To make this a reality, we follow the changing tide of technology, embracing disruptive, innovative and cloud-based solutions. We partner with recognised leading vendors and have a successful track record with Zscaler and VMware deployment. 

Most importantly, we provide a human, tailored customer service experience. We're not just box shifters; at the heart of Breeze is a team of friendly people who love to uncomplicate your complexities.

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Under the hood of our Intelligent Wi-Fi services

0_Breeze-Networks-Intelligent-Wi-Fi-Features-Algorithms that go further-

Algorithms that go further

Our algorithms adapt in real-time to reflect minute changes in either device, user or application data.



We offer personalisation that's propelled by technology. Pick and choose the right tools for you.

0_Breeze-Networks-Intelligent-Wi-Fi-Features-A location-based service-

A location-based service

Virtual beacons that communicate via Bluetooth Low Energy can be deployed in any environment.

0_Breeze-Networks-Intelligent-Wi-Fi-Features-Limitless scalability and performance-

Limitless scalability and performance

Get the best out of your equipment with the scale, flexibility and speed demanded by a new generation of mobile device users.


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