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Connectivity is one of the foundations for business success

At Breeze Networks, it’s our mission to help you source the best quality and most cost-effective connectivity solutions that work for you.

As a carrier agnostic supplier, we source the most appropriate connectivity for your requirements. We can supply Leased Line, xDSL, LTE, MPLS, Cable 3G/4G/5G globally.

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Level up your connectivity the smart way

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We keep your solution and the service we provide straightforward and no-bs. There's no reason to make things complex if you don't need to, right?

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No out-dated legacy systems

We're a modern and ambitious company so there's no out-dated infrastructure or legacy systems to slow us down. Our service is nimble and always improving.

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We'll shop around and get you the best value so you keep your IT operations under budget. Why pay an arm-and-a-leg for connectivity when you don't have to?

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As everything is done through us, everything is kept centralised. Naturally, this helps you stay in control and retain visibility over what's happening.

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We build a package from all the suppliers we have access to. Then, we deliver a personalised service perfectly matched to your business.

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Trustworthy suppliers

No matter where your offices reside, we'll find you the best and most trusted network broadband providers within your region.

Connectivity done right

High-quality connectivity is a must, but it's often easier said than done

When it takes months to get full connectivity into an office or new location, your business will lose time and money. It's also annoying to get a bad service once you finally do get connected.

The fact is you don't need to settle for this inefficiency and poor quality of service. Let Breeze Networks connect your business to the world promptly and effectively.

0_Breeze-Networks-Solutions-Connectivity -High-quality connectivity is a must, but its often easier said than done

Cost effective

Don't overspend on connectivity; let us find the best value solution

Connectivity isn't always as simple as we'd all like. After all, no one supplier will be the cheapest in every location that you need connectivity.

Our approach is straightforward but high-value for our customers. We'll build a package that uses the best suppliers so you get a personalised service and can get the best-priced solution for your unique needs.

0_Breeze-Networks-Solutions-Connectivity -Dont overspend on connectivity; let us find the best value solution

Why choose us?

We are disruptors in the network connectivity and security space

It's simple, really. Our goal is to empower all enterprises to significantly reduce their costs, quicken the deployment of new services and raise their network security threshold.

To make this a reality, we follow the changing tide of technology, embracing disruptive, innovative and cloud-based solutions. We partner with recognised leading vendors and have a successful track record with Zscaler and VMware deployment. 

Most importantly, we provide a human, tailored customer service experience. We're not just box shifters; at the heart of Breeze is a team of friendly people who love to uncomplicate your complexities.

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Here's how we can streamline your connectivity

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No disruption

We focus on improving your service with the least disruption possible.

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Continual improvements

We don't rest on our laurels. Our service is improving all the time.

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Modern solutions

We're agile and move nimbly with developments in the industry.

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Quick results

We work quickly and deliver results in a short time frame.

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Credible suppliers

We're supplier agnostic and choose whoever delivers the best service.

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Best value

We're able to deliver on both high-quality AND cost effectiveness.

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