Introducing the next level of cloud security

Cloud security offers a safe and secure way to connect an application to a user, wherever they are, and whatever device they’re using. With security hosted 100% in the cloud, all users experience the same high level of protection wherever they are.


Here at Breeze Networks, our internet security and private access services are secure gateways delivered through the cloud, with built-in protection for all your needs. Our security is seamless and airtight, as it offers firewalls, content filtering and more. The service we offer is fast and powerful, ensuring you never run short on capacity or experience unplanned downtime. All functionality comes already integrated, so you don’t need to worry about building or updating your platform.


Our cloud security solutions are flexible enough to adapt to your changing requirements. Our ultimate mission? That every one of our users will benefit from a lightning fast, and ultra-secure, connection.


What is internet security?

The need for tighter internet security stems from the demands of our modern working world. Employees are no longer based solely in the office – they now work on the train, at the airport, from a client’s headquarters. Legacy networks aren’t fit to cope with modern users, rendering your existing security perimeter useless and mobile devices exposed.


With a secure web gateway offered from the cloud, protection applies wherever employees choose to work and access the internet.  A direct to cloud and fully integrated security system protects users and also offers full SSL visibility with limitless inspection capacity.

Private internet access security

Private internet access is a VPN solution which offers quick and powerful connection and lots of extra features at an affordably price. However, the way users are interacting with the internet has changed drastically in recent years, and so private internet access must evolve alongside it. Such network-centric approaches tend to provide an unsatisfactory experience for the end user, create an online landscape vulnerable to attack, and require various appliances and policies.


Private access in the cloud offers a more user-friendly experience, with uninterrupted access to applications. Protection extends from the network to the internet, making sure all of your private apps are always secure.

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