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SD-WAN: How we solved Ingeus's network headache

SD-WAN: How we solved Ingeus's network headache

Good network connectivity is no longer a desirable technicality - it's a business necessity.

After all, without a strong, secure internet connection, your business may suffer from unproductivity and will fail to grow with ease.

That was certainly the case for Ingeus, one of our clients. But, with the help of VMware SD-WAN and our team of experts, they overcame their inflexible and costly network problem.

In this case study, we'll walk you through their story, from unhappy beginnings to happy endings.

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Who is Ingeus?

Let's start with a brief introduction.

Ingeus is a people's services outsourcing company, offering medium to large service contracts to government bodies. As a B Corp, they consider themselves a force for good, providing a range of employment, health and social services to those in need.

With the company working across the globe and regularly setting up and closing down offices within a short timeframe, Ingeus require a reliable and flexible network service to keep them agile.

Unfortunately, that's where their problem began.


Network and contract headaches

Before Breeze Networks came into the picture, the team at Ingeus struggled with an overly technical, expensive and inflexible network setup. They were unable to provision new offices easily and, when they did, their previous generation technology required highly skilled experts to manage them.

To make matters worse, they were chained to long-term MPLS contracts that seemed impossible to escape.

In order to free themselves from the complexities of their legacy technology, they needed a more modern, tailored solution and a service provider that would offer them proactive support.

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Smooth runnings with VMware SD-WAN

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So, how did Breeze Networks solve their problems?

After drafting up an initial proof of concept, Breeze Networks migrated Ingeus off their existing MPLS network and rolled out a VMware SD-WAN solution to over 60 of their global offices. To provide the best value, service and connectivity, Breeze sourced the right circuits in each individual location.

This solution allows Ingeus to provision new, secure network connections using a repeatable base template, in turn reducing the need for technical configuration. That said, If they require more complex changes, it's simply a case of clicking a button.

And, as they've now connected their SD-WAN to Azure, any changes they make on one device can be replicated to every site across the business.

With their ongoing, complete 24/7 managed service with Breeze, they also benefit from:

  • 24/7 support from friendly experts
  • Managed firmware and security updates
  • Complete visibility into their network connectivity across all sites

But the support doesn't stop there. As Martyn Haynes (Network Engineer) at Ingeus says:

“If we have a new site, I'll get in touch with someone at Breeze, give them the address and they'll get a line put in. Once the line is in, the equipment gets delivered to that site and away it goes. So it's all-encompassing really. We haven't got to wait 90 days for a typical business circuit to be installed”

Making network connectivity a Breeze

Breeze's SD-WAN solution (powered by VMware) and managed support has enabled numerous brilliant benefits for Ingeus. From fast deployment to reduced costs and simplified management, Ingeus can now scale their offices up and down with ease and ensure complete productivity. This, of course, enables future business growth opportunities.

Unlike previous unresponsive service providers, Breeze Networks gives Ingeus continuous, proactive and human support. There's always someone on hand to answer a call or an email. And, if a site's down, our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

But, don't just take our word for it. We'll let Ingeus have the final say:

“I think they chose their name well because they do what it says on the tin; working with them is a breeze”- Alan Crawford, CIO at Ingeus

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