How SD-WAN helps resolve home working challenges in the legal industry

How SD-WAN helps resolve home working challenges in the legal industry

Eighty-two percent of legal firms state their biggest home working challenge is connectivity.

Not ideal, is it?

Without a stable network solution, such as SD-WAN, your flexible working initiatives will fail, employees will feel frustrated, and your clients will have to wait for critical services.

That said, despite this connectivity challenge, many firms are keen to adopt remote working models going forward. This is due to both employee demand, as well as the proven productivity benefits of home working.

So, how can your law firm enable work-from-home policies without the frustrating connectivity side effects?

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Working hard or hardly working?

Before we provide a solution, let's first dig a little deeper into some other remote working challenges your firm might face.

While, fortunately, most legal professionals have a working connection at home, these networks are often far from adequate.

Typical problems your law firm may experience are:

  • An inability to apply company wide policies, which is crucial for data security
  • Limited application assurance or the ability to 'prioritise' work applications over recreational applications
  • Unreliable connections to your cloud services

If faced with these challenges, you could be hit with a drastic drop in productivity and security.

Think of what that could mean for your clients; is it a risk you're willing to take?

WAN network to rule them all

At its core, remote working requires reliable, uninterrupted access to the SaaS applications and data that power your firm. It's as simple as that.

But why not take it a step further?

After all, you can achieve this and more with a reliable SD-WAN deployment.

For your firm, the home working benefits include:

  • A boost in network performance. An SD-WAN solution prioritises your business-critical workloads, as well as real-time services, and ensures they travel over the most efficient network route. This reduces overall latency.
  • Reliable connectivity to cloud applications. Eliminate backhauling traffic (and overburdening your data centre) with a software-defined solution that connects your legal professionals directly to the cloud.
  • Security enhancements. Security is a big concern for many firms. Thankfully, ****SD-WAN solutions, such as those from VMware, come with built-in security capabilities. These include the ability to deploy network-wide security policies, as well as integrate local cloud security measures.
  • Visibility into your networks. Whether you're looking for connectivity issues or suspicious user activity, an SD-WAN solution gives you a bird's eye view into your branch connectivity and applications.

Of course, there are other business-focused benefits that follow on from these advantages. These including an increase in your team's productivity and well-being, as well as the ability to scale your branches easily.

SD-WAN: A remote working necessity

With 87 percent of UK workers expressing the desire to work from home at least one day a week, it's clear that remote working isn't going anywhere just yet.

But legal firms looking to champion home working must face the hard truth; remote working cannot happen without a strong, secure and reliable network connection. So, whether you're stuck with an inflexible MPLS network or struggling with individual broadband issues, you'll need to find a suitable solution. 

This is where SD-WAN comes into play. By implementing a cloud-driven SD-WAN solution, you can keep your firm efficient no matter where your employees are.

Keen to find out more? Take a look at our real-world SD-WAN case study.

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