SD-WAN: The future of legal technology

SD-WAN: The future of legal technology

With more and more elements of legal services shifting to online environments, law firms need a way to reliably access their digital assets.

This is where SD-WAN comes into play.

SD-WAN is a modern, cloud-based network solution that hinges on consistent, reliable, efficient, and secure connections. It's perfect for legal firms who want to branch out their offices or champion remote working.

But let's dive deeper into its specific benefits for your legal firm, and how it will shape the future of legal technology.

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Improve networking in the legal sector

SD-WAN stands for 'software-defined wide area network'. A wide area network is often a common element of a law firm’s infrastructure, as it connects people and systems on geographically-distributed networks. For example, if you have a central office and a couple of satellite offices, they would connect through a wide area network, or WAN. Similarly, if you have several attorneys and legal assistants all working from home, they can all connect to the same WAN to interact with each other and share information.

However, the “software-defined” aspect of SD-WAN is what makes it a particularly powerful tool for law firms. Think of a traditional network like a system of roads all leading to the same destination. During rush hour, all the vehicles cram onto one road, resulting in traffic jams and long commutes. However, the drivers could reach their destinations faster and easier if they were directed to use the other roads instead.

In an SD-WAN environment, all network traffic is intelligently directed to use the right digital roads and at the right time. This way, you get the most out of the bandwidth you pay for each month, as well as better performance from all of your cloud-based tools and systems.

Enhance remote working capabilities

Your remote workers need reliable access to the software solutions and legal documents. They also have to connect with the central office and each other. Otherwise, they'll struggle to do their jobs well.

With SD-WAN, they can enjoy reliable connections at home, in a co-working space, or on the road. Your provider ensures smooth interactions with applications and services—designing the SD-WAN solution to intelligently direct your network’s traffic.

Increase productivity

Immediate access to applications and information is critical for legal professionals. Without this access, they wouldn't be able to provide dependable services to their clients.

With an SD-WAN architecture, you can ensure reliable access and, in turn, increase productivity.

The software dictates how much bandwidth to allocate to each process, ensuring a smooth “commute” of data across the firm’s information highway. This enhances the efficacy of everyone on the network, boosting overall productivity and saving time.

Strengthen security

SD-WAN provides you with several security benefits, including:

  • A centralised managed security solution. This protects all your endpoints, networks, and applications using a common set of robust, scalable tools.
  • Protection for your legal professionals. Using an SD-WAN solution, you can protect your entire workforce with the same software. You no longer have to worry whether Person A is more likely to get hacked than Person B, as they have the same powerful tools protecting their systems.
  • Endpoint security and visibility. You can also see who is connected to your network, as well as their activity. And, by incorporating access controls, you can keep attackers off your network.

Find your ideal SD-WAN solution with Breeze Networks

When it comes to networking, it's clear SD-WAN is the future of the legal industry. Why? Because it makes it easier for legal professionals to connect, all while boosting productivity and enhancing security.

So, if you'd like to venture into the world of SD-WAN, get in touch with us.

Breeze Networks is ready to improve how your legal professionals work together, both now and in the future.

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