How SD-WAN boosts digital transformation in legal firms

How SD-WAN boosts digital transformation in legal firms

While the world may have already 'gone digital', the legal industry has some way to go.

Just one in five law firms are ready to move forward with enterprise-level digital strategies for their businesses.

This is significantly affecting their ability to engage with and compete for digital clients competently.

The hard truth is: law firms needn't fear change.

Digital Transformation is essential for improving productivity and providing competitive client services.

This blog will explain how to boost digital transformation and resolve modern working challenges in the legal industry with a stable network solution, such as SD-WAN.

Modern working challenges

Clients require a good experience, regardless of where you are or whatever is happening in the world.

In times of so much change, typical modern working challenges for legal firms that rely on traditional MPLS networks include:

  • Unreliable connections to cloud services.
  • Increased client demands leading to pricing pressures.
  • Lack of central support.
  • An inability to apply company-wide policies, crucial for data security.
  • Client dissatisfaction or delays.

If 2020 has shown us anything, it's that technology makes things a lot easier.

To address these challenges and the changing tide of technology, a modern working solution is vital.

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Championing change

Only one-third of lawyers (34 percent) believe their organisation can keep up with technology changes in the legal market.

You enable digital transformation with technology, but its success depends on your team's willingness and ability to adopt change.

To get buy-in from your firm, you need to convince them of the benefits of technological change.

Adopting a reliable SD-WAN deployment will form the backbone of your firm's digital transformation efforts.

Here's what it can do for your legal firm:

  • Enable fast zero-touch provisioning (for new branches or remote workers). This allows for easier site enablement and fewer engineer visits.
  • Provide built-in security and encryption for remote workers.
  • Offer central management and the IT resources/support needed. One portal for monitoring, alerting, configuration and diagnosis of the network.
  • Build better bandwidth/connectivity across disparate offices and homes.
  • Implement cloud-based and firm-wide security policies and cloud security tools that replace the need for a complex data centre and on-site troubleshooting.

The ability to achieve all of that for your legal firm with a network that's agile, secure, easy to orchestrate, and requires little effort sound appealing?

It's not too good to be true. Here it is in action.

An exciting future

One of our customers, a patent and trademark law firm with offices in the UK, Europe and USA, enjoys stronger network connections, lower costs, accurate visibility into their network and a brighter future, with an SD-WAN solution that addressed their issues.

That includes a 33 percent decrease in operating costs.

With Breeze Networks, they benefited from a robust and trustworthy partnership.

SD-WAN for all and all for one

To keep up with the rising wave of digital transformation, your legal firm needs a stable network solution that can increase agility, security and value.

But increasing bandwidth on traditional WANs is expensive, and the lead times to upgrade and change are lengthy.

At Breeze Networks, we champion VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud. With simple configuration and uncomplicated management, our solution can replace legacy complex networks with ease.

Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about Breeze Networks and our innovative network services and solutions.

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