3 real-world examples of SD-WAN in law firms

3 real-world examples of SD-WAN in law firms

There's an increasing demand for secure, real-time communications, rapid response support, and constant uptime.

Even industries that have historically championed 'traditional' technology now look to operate with maximum speed and efficiency.

The legal sector is a stark example.

Thankfully, Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) offers growing law firms the agility, security and value they need to thrive.

But don't just take our word for it.

Here are three real-world examples of this reliable solution for security-conscious law firms.

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1. Providing consistent connectivity for a global patent law firm

A patent and trademark law firm with offices in the UK, Europe and USA experienced connectivity issues as they scaled and grew their network.

They dealt with cumbersome contracts and poor latency due to an inflexible MPLS contract that did not complement their move to the cloud.

They experienced issues with:

  • Backhauling, affecting the quality of video conferencing
  • Poor bandwidth
  • No visibility into their network
  • The added bureaucracy of their MPLS provider

So, they searched for an SD-WAN solution to solve their issues.

Once the law firm could navigate out of their troublesome MPLS contract, they adopted a VeloCloud SD-WAN solution with Breeze Networks.

As a result, the firm now benefits from:

  • A 33 percent decrease in operating costs
  • Reliable connectivity across their disparate offices
  • Faster bandwidth
  • Complete visibility into their network
  • Ongoing general management from the Breeze team

As a result of clear communication and transparency, software-defined networking, and continuous consultancy and support, the firm now enjoys stronger network connections and lower costs.

2. Eliminating risk and downtime for a well-established provider of legal services

Beaumont Legal, one of the UK's leading conveyancing law firms, prides itself on providing quality client care and efficiency. However, their network wasn't up to scratch.

They experienced issues with:

  • Visibility of current firewall rules
  • Long waits for firewall reconfiguration work
  • No failover capability in the event of any loss or interruption of internet connectivity

They adopted an SD-Wan firewall solution, NextGen SD-WAN technology and SD-WAN multilink technology to solve their problems.

The firm now benefits from:

  • VPN connections to both offices across both internet connections
  • A three-way failover to facilitate complete security and business continuity and offer peace of mind
  • The ability to check logs and make firewall changes themselves
  • Time-saving benefits with the removal of long delays for any reconfiguration required.

Security and compliance should go hand-in-hand with the functions of a law firm. SD-WAN technology enables this firm to have complete protection over its network.

3. Laying future-proof foundations for a global legal business

A long recognised industry innovator, DWF legal, needed to transform its technology foundations as part of its IPO preparations.

They were looking for a new approach to networking and security after struggling with:

  • Poor bandwidth
  • Connecting a workforce of 4,300 staff working out of some 33 offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East

They adopted SD-WAN technology for agility, visibility and control. This offers the firm:

  • A resilient, agile, global network that's fit for the future
  • Secure, high-speed, reliable access to applications hosted in DWF's UK data centres and the cloud, regardless of location
  • Better support for ongoing business expansion by enabling the faster rollout of bandwidth to offices and staff worldwide.

DWF uncovered a robust solution, combining SD-WAN with cloud security that provided secure, flexible access to hosted and cloud-based services.

A brighter future with SD-Wan

Historic MPLS contracts can be complicated, costly and inflexible. This causes increased latency, which can result in client dissatisfaction or delays. This isn't ideal for flourishing legal firms that rely on fast communications between their clients and disparate offices.

SD-WAN is a simple, secure and cloud-driven solution that keeps security-conscious law firms connected. With the right tools and strategies, you can bolster your defences and secure your law firm from cyber-attacks.

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