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Migrating SHL off their costly corporate MPLS network

Migrating SHL off their costly corporate MPLS network

Reliable network connectivity is essential for all businesses; it's what keeps the wheels turning. But not all solutions are built equally.

Some solutions feel streamlined and empower your business to grow, whereas others can leave you wondering where the money went.

In this case study, we discuss how we migrated SHL Group off a burdensome MPLS network and onto a cost-effective, flexible VMware SD-WAN infrastructure.

Who are SHL?

SHL specialise in providing people insight and analysis, for both hiring talent and developing existing talent. They offer a range of solutions, from video interviewing technology to psychometric assessments.

It's also important to note that the organisation has a broad reach, with offices and distributors in over 40 locations across the globe. Because of this, they require a network infrastructure that can deliver resilience and consistent connectivity.

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Expensive MPLS network problems

In 2018, the business faced one of its biggest hurdles yet.

Their challenging, oversized MPLS network simply wasn’t working for their business. They couldn't justify the cost of such a large infrastructure, particularly as their offices outside of the UK, USA and India had a smaller headcount.

They also wanted to increase their flexibility and resilience so that they could open and close global offices quickly. This was essential in such an uncertain time.

After some necessary research and planning, SHL made the decision to adopt a cloud-based SD-WAN approach.

Fast, global SD-WAN rollout

At this point in the story, SHL approached different service providers to discuss the right vendor going forward.

After various proof of concepts, Breeze Networks won over SHL with the VMware's SD-WAN solution. The SHL team was impressed by the functionality and ease of use of the product, as well as the excellent service of Breeze.

'Breeze wanted to work with us; they committed more time and energy towards us than anyone else we looked at.' - Andy McCallum, Head of IT Service Delivery at SHL


Within a short timeline of four to six months, Breeze Networks rolled out the SD-WAN global network across SHL's offices and provisioned local broadband connections. Breeze also migrated the solution using the organisation's existing MPLS network, meaning that once the circuits came out of contract, they could be terminated risk free and the SD-WAN would continue to function.

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Cost reductions and expert service

SHL's new SD-WAN network infrastructure provides them with improved global connectivity but at a fraction of the costs.

In fact, they've increased bandwidth and resilience all while reducing their costs by 40 percent in comparison to their old MPLS network.

But the benefits don't stop there.

With Breeze Networks, SHL also benefit from the expertise of a supportive, knowledgeable, and proactive partner.

'Breeze is a proactive vendor. They come in and see us regularly and provide us with service reviews and monthly reports. They're very professional in how they deliver services and support us.' - Andy McCallum, Head of IT Service Delivery at SHL


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