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How we improved Tradewind Recruitment's resiliency

How we improved Tradewind Recruitment's resiliency

An inefficient IT set-up can negatively affect many areas of your business, from your finances to your resiliency and security.

That was certainly the case for our client, Tradewind Recruitment, before the Breeze Networks team stepped in to help.

After implementing a successful solution to tackle their network difficulties, Breeze Networks then solved two more critical business issues for the client. Let's explore how we modernised their network architecture to help improve their business resiliency.

Introducing Tradewind Recruitment

Tradewind Recruitment is a UK-based education recruitment company. They’re a Sunday Times Top 100 employer, and specialise in matching Teachers and Support Staff to their dream job. They also help Primary, Secondary and SEN schools recruit for a wide range of roles across 12 offices in the UK.

Let’s now look specifically at each of the three challenges Tradewind Recruitment faced, as well as the solution Breeze Networks provided for each one respectively.


1. The costly network challenge

When it came to their network, Tradewind Recruitment suffered from an MPLS system that didn't meet their needs. Generally speaking, their network wasn't built on a strong strategy or architecture. This meant they suffered from lots of different internet circuits and connectivity issues.

In terms of their existing MPLS set-up, Tradewind didn't have MPLS within their smaller managed office sites. This was partly due to expensive set-up costs. The offices that did have MPLS suffered from the associated problems MPLS can bring, such as:

  • High costs
  • Inefficiencies
  • Frequent downtime
  • Difficulty in scaling operations

To resolve Tradewind's network challenge, Breeze Networks recommended VeloCloud's Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN). This cloud-based solution for remote location networking gave Tradewind Recruitment many compelling benefits, such as easy deployment, high agility, and significant cost-savings.

2. The inflexible security challenge

When the pandemic struck in early 2020, Tradewind quickly discovered they didn't have a secure home-working IT solution for their staff. Naturally, this became a high priority to resolve.

Staff needed secure, reliable access to the same applications they used in the office. On top of this, Tradewind Recruitment wanted to make remote changes to staff devices so they could add further applications and IT security measures.

Following the SD-WAN set-up success, Breeze Networks deployed a Zscaler solution to help with Tradewind Recuitment’s security challenge. Although this was more expensive than the existing solution they were using, it resolved many of their headaches (you inevitably get what you pay for).

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3. The uncooperative communication challenge

Tradewind Recruitment's communication challenge meant they didn’t have the business resiliency they needed. At the same time, they were over-paying for the 55 distributed mobiles spread across their workforce.

In addition to this, they needed a solution that would uncouple them from the unreliable internet connections in rented office buildings.

So, following the success with SD-WAN and Zscaler, Breeze Networks resolved this communication issue with the Mobiles product. Taking only a few hours to set up, Breeze kept Tradewind on their same network, only this time providing better value for money.

The powerful new benefits Tradewind enjoys

Deploying SD-WAN, Zscaler and then the Mobiles solution for Tradewind Recruitment provided a myriad of benefits. These include:

  • Reduced costs. Tradewind Recruitment now pays a staggering 25 percent of what they once were for their MPLS solution. Additionally, the Mobiles solution reduced associated mobile costs by approximately 50 percent.
  • Advanced visibility. Thanks to SD-WAN, staff have excellent visibility into their network (from one portal), allowing them to spot issues even before their IT management teams can.
  • Secure home-working. Zscaler gave Tradewind the secure home-working solution they were looking for. Now, staff can access all the applications they need to do their job remotely, with the added benefit of a secure internet connection.
  • An IT security ‘level-up'. Thanks to Zscaler, additional applications were also added to all devices remotely. With the addition of anti-virus software, anti-malware protection, web security and URL filtering, Tradewind Recruitment enjoy a much-improved level of protection.
  • Better efficiency. Previously, there were two internet lines. But only one was in use, with the other acting as a backup. Now, thanks to network improvements, both are in use. This brings more bandwidth and traffic.
  • Greater scalability. Thanks to the SD-WAN solution, Tradewind Recruitment found it easy to set up a new office in London (despite challenges brought on by the pandemic).
  • Less downtime. Tradewind's new network solution decreases downtime. And, thanks to the 4G sim cards provided by the Mobiles product, if a building's IT does go down (as it can do with rented offices), Tradewind Recruitment remains operational.
  • Improved control. As part of the network solution, printers can now connect to servers, whereas before each printer was installed on computers individually. What's more, the network is more centralised, so it’s easier to push out changes to the software or group policy.

As you can imagine, these benefits have had a dramatic impact on how Tradewind Recruitment operates. It’s helped make their IT (and wider business) become more resilient, secure, and dynamic.

Could your business benefit from modernising its network architecture, too?

‘The service from Breeze Networks is at an exceptional level. We started off looking at one solution – we now trust Breeze as one of our partners to help us bring other things forwards.’ - John Graham, Operations Director, Tradewind Recruitment.

Having started off just looking at one solution, Tradewind Recruitment ended up enjoying three different products from Breeze Networks. Now, thanks to the security, communication, and network solutions put in place, Tradewind Recruitment has the resiliency they need to look to the future with confidence.

It’s a great example of a customer relationship that's blossomed over time.

The question is: could your business enjoy similar benefits with more modern network architecture?

Reach out today if you’d like to chat with one of our team and explore how Breeze Networks can take your business to the next level.

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