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Providing consistent connectivity for a global patent law firm

Providing consistent connectivity for a global patent law firm

We won't beat around the bush; MPLS contracts can often be complicated, costly and inflexible.

For legal firms that rely on fast communications between their clients and disparate offices, this poses a huge issue. After all, increased latency can result in client dissatisfaction or delays.

This was certainly the case for one of our customers, a patent and trademark law firm with offices in the UK, Europe and USA.

Cumbersome contracts and poor latency

In 2012, the firm implemented an MPLS network. At the time, they only had two or three offices, so the central internet breakout worked well for their requirements.

However, when they began moving a lot of their system to the cloud and virtualising their servers, they ran into trouble.

'We started to get a lot of issues with backhauling. In particular, video conferencing was affected - the quality of the video was erratic. When we tried to contact our MPLS provider, things became a nightmare.' - Chris, Head of IT

As the firm scaled their offices and the network grew, the problems only got worse; the connection of each circuit was all over the place, they struggled with bandwidth, and they had no visibility into their network. The added bureaucracy of their MPLS provider didn't help the situation, either.

So, in 2018, the firm's IT team searched for an SD-WAN solution that could solve their issues.

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Finding the right provider

After communicating with other - often costly - SD-WAN providers, VMware recommended Breeze Networks as a trusted partner.

Once the law firm were able to navigate out of their troublesome MPLS contract, they adopted a VeloCloud SD-WAN solution with Breeze. This involved building connected, resilient circuits in all of the firm's locations. Rather than directing traffic through the central internet breakout, each location could directly connect to the company's cloud services.

Ultimately, the SD-WAN solution provided them with:

  • A 33 percent decrease in operating costs
  • Reliable connectivity across their disparate offices
  • Faster bandwidth
  • True visibility into their network
  • Co-management of the environment, which aligned with their cloud infrastructure
  • Ongoing general management and monitoring

But that's not all. With Breeze Networks, they also benefited from a strong, trustworthy partnership.

A brighter future with Breeze

'With a company like ours, it's easy to go with one of the bigger providers and just become another cog in their machine. With Breeze, I could sense from the onset that I would always have someone to talk to if I have a problem.' - Chris, Head of IT

The law firm's partnership with Breeze Networks is one built on a solid understanding of technology, as well as the importance of clear communication and transparency.

With the help of VeloCloud's software-defined networking, as well as Breeze's continuous consultancy and support, the firm can now enjoy stronger network connections, lower costs, and a brighter future.

'This is the kind of relationship that is a win-win for both sides; they value us as a client, and at the same time they're big enough for us to reliably deliver a consistent, critical service for our firm.' - Chris, Head of IT- Chris, Head of IT -

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