7 Business Benefits of SD-WAN for Law Firms

7 Business Benefits of SD-WAN for Law Firms

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a growing cloud-based solution that enables remote location networking.

Indeed, experts predict that the global SD-WAN market will reach a valuation of $53 billion by the end of 2030.

But what does this mean for your law firm?

We're here to list seven compelling business benefits of the technology.

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1. Quick deployment

In the legal world, time is money.

So, when it comes to technology for your law office, you need to implement solutions that take as little time as possible. Some technologies can take days, weeks, or even months to set up in your firm. SD-WAN is known for its quick deployment—in many cases, you can deploy it in just a few minutes.

2. Reduce costs

Working with traditional or outdated technology can cost you. Switching to SD-WAN, however, can save you an average of 40 percent on your technology investments.

How? First, you can use it to replace legacy systems that are expensive to maintain. For example, SD-WAN removes the need to run a complex data centre.

In addition to this, outdated systems often require costly on-site troubleshooting. SD-WAN offers more simplified management that saves your firm money.

3. Maximise data security

Law firms typically handle large amounts of sensitive data for their clients, so it's essential to keep it well-protected.

SD-WAN provides enhanced security for all of your files. It offers both end-to-end encryption and integrated firewall protection. The encryption ensures the protection of files transmitted both ways. Integrated firewall keeps cybersecurity threats at bay.

By using SD-WAN to maximise data security, you can create a layer of confidence for both you and your clients when it comes to their privacy.

4. Increase your profits

One of the challenges for law firms with poor technology solutions is that they spend too much time managing issues with their technology infrastructure.

SD-WAN optimises how you use technology so you can spend more time focusing on your clients. By having more time to focus on your business needs, you can increase your profits.

5. Hybrid options

In some cases, you may want to update specific technologies within your existing infrastructure. If this the case, SD-WAN is the right fit for you.

SD-WAN offers seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, which allows you to run your firm in a hybrid environment. This makes it easier to expand your network in the future, as and when your needs grow.

6. Optimise access

Law firms handle massive amounts of information. As a result, they need quick access to their files and applications at all times.

SD-WAN optimises your access to the apps and services that you use every day. This important benefit gives you the ability to service your clients efficiently while managing information sent to and from your firm.

7. Portal access

Some network technologies are difficult to manage, especially when configurations are scattered across multiple areas. You don’t have to worry about this kind of hassle with SD-WAN.

SD-WAN offers portal access that centralises how you manage your IT demands. For example, you can view your business policies and management procedures in one place. The portal also offers real-time visibility into your network. This makes it easy for you to monitor your systems and get alerts.

Make the most of these SD-WAN benefits

We've highlighted seven of the biggest SD-WAN business benefits for law firms.

These benefits can help firms such as yours make better use of your legal technology and create a more secure, productive environment. SD-WAN can also help you save money and spend more time focusing on your clients.

Breeze Networks uses VMware SD-WAN, which is zero touch-provisioned for secure, optimised connectivity to applications and data.

If you would like to explore how SD-WAN can benefit your firm, please get in touch with our team. We’d love to help you.

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