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4 most common network challenges law firms face

4 most common network challenges law firms face

When building a successful law firm, a robust, reliable and cost-effective network counts for a great deal.

Without one, your firm may significantly suffer in its level of competitiveness. Alternatively, you could lack the productivity required to provide excellent client services.

So, with that in mind, we're outlining the four most common network challenges the legal sector faces and how to overcome them:

1. Accessing tools

It can be challenging for growing law firms to get the direct, reliable control and connectivity they need to access cloud applications.

MPLS networks, for instance, don't offer that service.

A software-defined solution that connects your legal professionals directly to the cloud will enable unprecedented visibility into the use of data centre or SaaS applications.

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2. Cost

More traditional networks, such as MPLS, can be costly. MPLS technology runs on proprietary hardware and, as such, it can also be complicated and inflexible.

So, it's better to replace this expensive legacy connectivity with a more modern and flexible SD-WAN solution. SD-WAN provides agility, performance, and scale for all enterprises leveraging the cloud at a significant decrease in operating costs.

Why pay above and beyond for network connectivity when you don't have to?

3. Security

Network security risks are a hot topic in law firm compliance, and rightly so. UK law firms now see it as the second greatest challenge behind COVID-19.

Today’s organisations need to look for network architectures that integrate security, policy, and orchestration.

SD-WAN security covers those bases by unifying secure connectivity approaches. It offers centrally-managed end-to-end encryption, and an integrated firewall provides complete protection for your data in transit.

4. Flexibility

With 82 percent of legal firms stating their biggest home working challenge is connectivity and 90 percent of lawyers using smartphones to work on the move, a stable network solution is vital.

Without one, your law firm may experience frustrating remote-working connectivity side effects, such as:

  • An inability to apply company-wide policies
  • Limited application assurance
  • Unreliable connections to your cloud services.

This poses a huge issue for legal firms that rely on fast communications between their clients and disparate offices.

A reliable VMware SD-WAN deployment can keep your firm efficient no matter where your employees are.

Overcome your network challenges

Network connectivity is a key foundation of business success. It helps to reduce the time, effort and cost of performing legal tasks.

Going beyond an inflexible, traditional network to a secure, cost-effective solution that supports your law firm's shift to the cloud will enhance business efficiency and competitiveness for the better.

VMware SD-WAN by Breeze Networks empowers your law firm to significantly reduce their costs, quicken the deployment of new services and raise their network security threshold.

At Breeze Networks, it’s our mission to source you the best quality and most cost-effective network solutions that work for you.

Get in touch with the team to chat about your needs, and see how we can help.

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